Square the Block – a PhD student’s Interpretation

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Art and Research, Research, Theoretical Abstraction
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I wasn’t very taken by the new sculpture at the corner of our New Academic Building (NAB) at the LSE. This piece of abstract art was ‘interesting’ but I was not inspired. Well, that is till today when my opinion was somewhat changed by a current PhD student in ISIG, Department of Management. His name is Nuno Oliveira. He provided a new take on Richard Wilson’s piece of art.

Instead of a clumsy clump of cement that I attempt, with my brain, to sort out every day and smooth the rough edges, Nuno explained how that in itself represents the chaos, complexity and recalcitrance of research ideas before they are moulded into a polished one. Of course, it can be said that we never really have a polished idea as such – we just gently muscle the data and our research question to a more harmonious fit. Anyway, I won’t go on about data collection, theoretical fit, and abstracting from both to contribute to knowledge, but I will say that this strange monstrosity on the side of the NAB makes me more reluctant now to even it out. I wonder what the busy London passer-by on Kinsgway thinks of our art ;-).


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