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  1. Carrie Taaca says:

    Hi Maha,

    I hope this note finds you well. I was browsing through some of the people who are connected with Clayton Christensen on Twitter and ran across you. I thought perhaps you might be interested in receiving a complimentary copy of a bestselling business innovation book from one of our clients.

    Find Your Next: Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge by Andrea Kates

    You can learn more about it and see reviews from the VP of Onstar, CEO of P.F. Chang’s, and others at

    If you think her book sounds interesting, which I hope you do, just shoot me back a mailing address and we’ll drop a copy in the mail to you this week. No obligation and you are not being added to any sort of “list.” I am a real person, simply outreaching to those who we thought might share a common interest. : )

    Thanks and I appreciate your time,

    Carrie T.
    Outreach Coordinator, Higher Level Group

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