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A very clear and informative talk by Simon Phipps on what the freedom in ‘free software’ means for companies. This is a really good talk for companies still confused with the idea of where value can be built into open source use (service idea), products, and distribution. The slides for his talk are also available.

Four Reasons To Pay Extra For Software Freedom from SFScon.

This is a very logical talk that steps through licenses (at a broad level) and then progresses to umbrella business models. It ends with the various challenges and issues brought about by vendor lock-in and the confusion the word ‘free’ has created for widespread commercial acceptance of open source.


If you are interested in cutting edge technology and the businesses that are making this happen then I strongly suggest you watch some of the archived videos of the Web 2.0 Summit 2010. In particular, the interview of Eric Schmidt (Google) by Tim O’Reilly is very good. Schmidt is asked to comment on the new Google device, Android, face recognition, net neutrality, if Google is planning a Facebook alternative, etc etc. Very interesting, indeed! The Q&A at the end raises some future implications as well.

I began to watch this video with the idea that this will be a ‘business’ talk that will bore me to death. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Is Mr Caan an entertaining speaker – no doubt about it, but that was not what held my interest till the end. It was his humanity and understanding of people. He seems to want people to ‘speak to him’ through their business models. Perhaps I am guilty of being soppy but I really felt that no matter what anecdote he told the LSE crowd of students and faculty, it came from the heart and he wants the entrepreneurs he finances to care too.


He offers entrepreneurial advice to the audience, again using his own experience and failures. I have a deadline or else I would summarize his talk here. I must come back to my notes later! I hope you enjoy the video courtesy of LSE Public Events.